Anglo American University Colleges Abroad [AAUCA]is a global consortium of academics which was brought into being, in the 1980s, in both Britain and Southern California.

Today AAUCA is actively involved on every continent and proudly numbers – amongst its senior executives – distinguished academics, researchers, practicing faculty and educational officials from many nations. (more…)

The need for understanding, and cooperation, among all the people of the world is the imperative for any academic programme which hopes to develop – alongside the primary intent of acquisition of academic competence – an authentic sense of global citizenship. AAUCA’s avowed intent is to provide international education opportunities for a rapidly-changing world. Our mission, therefore, is, and has been, to encourage and develop effective international management, leadership and human behavior skills in a variety of professional areas, for all the interested participants among our global audiences.

Today, with the new century now upon us, AAUCA accomplishes its mission by continuing to provide degree opportunities for outstanding students from all over the world. The transborder and intercultural character, and thrust, of our Group is not an accident…it is our Chairman’s purposeful intent for AAUCA. We are actively engaged upon enhancing those meaningful values which are common to all peoples. We believe in the limitless potential of men and women to learn from each other, understand each other, work toward common goals and to foster international understanding. We expect all our students – while in our care – to maintain and amplify the depth and credence of their own cultures, heritage and national identities. Ensconced in the philosophy of the Group is the belief that the ideological, and political, system challenges facing all of us are surmountable by our active participation – in an enlightened educational environment – toward developing the world’s human, and leadership, resources.

International Commitment

As a group of academics – all experienced faculty members and with meaningful academic administrative experience – actively engaged in international education, we frequently speak of the objectives we wish to achieve through the interaction of excellent students from all over the world. We speak of fostering greater peace and a new understanding; the sharing of mutual intellectual and cultural resources across usually-impenetrable, national divides. We speak – particularly – of strengthening the global awareness of British and American citizens/students, and of their capacity to deal with other peoples…other societies. Perhaps most frequently, we consider the training of students from outside the United States – the developing world in particular -and through their successes the promotion of social and economic development abroad. All these facets of our
purpose, we believe, are worthy and legitimate goals.

However, whilst this investment in domestic and international “human capital” is often- erroneously – seen as one of the keys to successful development…our Chairman has always maintained (a stance all of his colleagues support) that the “transfer of knowledge” – that flow of expertise and learning – is NOT only in one direction. In all our international and domestic endeavour, therefore, we reject any inference that – in international educational development – the United States is always superior whilst the other actors (the developing nations, their educational infrastructure and their institutions) are inferior and, thus, dependent. We acknowledge our technological superiority and the largesse of educational opportunity in the west…but reject the idea that this necessarily implies superiority in other areas – for instance in political and economic organization, or in ethnic, cultural, religious and moral values.

Today, as ‘new’ nations – steeped in hundreds, sometimes thousands of years of heritage – take their rightful place among the world’s fora…we feel that this facet of our deep-dyed philosophy is particularly apt. With this in mind, in all our international educational undertakings , our personnel are specifically intent on sharing of our expertise of American and British academic mores… with the senior administrative staff of the organization with which we are working. Our intent is to provide the wherewithal for local staff to embellish – as they wish – their own institution with whatever they wish to incorporate from British and American academia….and to continue to do this into the future. To that end, all local staff are trained in all aspects of U.S. university administration, are provided with the documentary wherewithal to understand and develop educational systems, methodology, testing procedures etc…in keeping with the highest tenets of American and British academia.

Adherence to Special Values

Whenever and wherever we have helped create institutions, or brought degree programmes to overseas venues, we have worked in the belief that our endeavour should serve the global family of mankind. We expect our academic offerings to make a difference in the quality of the future leadership of our world. We expect the systems we apply and the institutional changes we institute to meet with the approbation of the local educational/governmental authorities. We are, in addition, confident that among US academic entities our work will also accrue approbation for the quality and credence of the academic/educational systems and programmes we have instituted.

To that end we have tried to determine which facets of our educational endeavour are most important, and to focus these resources for the greatest, most enduring, benefit. In these undertakings we are continuously reminded of the inherent worth of all the people of the world.